Christmas Canapes: Potato Bread

Christmas Canapes: Potato Bread


Gluten Free Potato Bread Mix

This recipe is perfect for entertaining in a hurry. First of all make things easy for yourself and use toppings that you probably already have in your fridge/cupboard around Christmas. For example…Cooked Turkey and Cranberry Sauce!

You will need:

Gluten Free Potato Bread using our mix ( the mix makes 16 portions, each portion makes 3-4 canapes )

Cooked, thinly sliced turkey

Your favourite jar of cranberry sauce


To assemble:

Use a small Christmas Tree cookie cutter to cut out the potato bread base (or which ever cutter you like!). Grill or fry for 3-5 minutes until golden.

Spread a small amount of cranberry sauce on top.

Top with small, thin slices of warm turkey.


Serve and Eat! So simple, quick and easy and your guests will love it!