Date and Brandy Brown Soda Bread


Gluten Free Brown Soda Mix




To make this moist, flavourful loaf you will need

100g pitted dates soaked in boiling water with a splash of brandy (leave over night if possible)

2-3 Tbsp of golden linseeds

Additional splash of brandy

1 pack of  our gluten free Brown Soda Bread mix


Pour the packet contents into a mixing bowl, add 30g vegetable oil and 380g of the liquid reserved from the soaked dates. You can always add more cold water if you don’t have enough.

Mix to form a dough.

Roughly chop the dates and add to the mix along with a splash of brandy and the golden linseeds.

Mix well and pour into a 1lb loaf tin. Sprinkle some  more linseeds over the top and bake at 160 degrees for about 1 hour or until the loaf makes a hollow sound when tapped.


This bread is so delicious and has a real kick from the brandy. It would go great as part of a cheese board or all on its own.