Party Food: Potato Bread Canapes

Gluten Free Potato Bread Mix

Canapes can be the perfect finger food for elegant parties.

To make these canapes using the gluten free Potato Bread Mix you will need:

1 bag of potato bread mix. Follow the instructions on the packet to make the dough.

Toppings. It’s a good idea to have your toppings prepared and ready to go as the base doesn’t take long to make.

The ones I’ve used here are:

  1. Pesto, Cream Cheese & Chive, Halved Cherry Tomatoes
  2. Tomato Chutney, Rocket, Braised Beef
  3. Cream Cheese & Chive, Bacon Bits


One bag of potato bread mix is enough to make approximately 90 canapes so if you don’t need that many you can always freeze the extra dough for another time!


To make the base, roll out the potato bread dough to about 1 cm thickness. Using a round 5cm cutter, cut out the discs. Grill on each side for about 5 minutes until golden.


To Assemble

  1. Spread a small amount of pesto onto the base. Using two teaspoons, shape a small amount of the cream cheese into an oval shape and gently place on top of the pesto. Finish with half a cherry tomato. Garnish with paprika.
  2. Spread a small amount of your favourite tomato chutney onto the base. Roll a few rocket leaves into a ball using your hands and place on top. Finish with a small teaspoon of warm braised beef. Garnish with cracked black pepper.
  3. Using two teaspoons again, shape a small amount of the cream cheese into an oval shape and place on top of the base. Sprinkle over some bacon bits, garnish with fresh chives.


When making canapes for a party sometimes the best ones are the simplest ones. Remember they are only small appetisers so use which ever toppings you already have to hand. Your guests will love them and really appreciate the home made touch!