Soda Farl Pizza

Soda Farl Pizza Recipe

Gluten Free Soda Farl Mix


To make this recipe I used the gluten free Soda Farl mix which makes four large Soda Farls. You can use them straight away or if you want to freeze them to use another time that works great as well!

My four pizza toppings:

  1. Cheese, Tomato & Basil
  2. Ham & Pineapple
  3. Chicken, Sweetcorn, Peppers & Mild Chilli Spices
  4. Pesto, Sauteed Kale, Peppers & Garlic

First step, slice the soda farls in half so that you have two bases for each pizza. Next, assemble all of the toppings!

For the first three pizzas I used a gluten free tomato pizza sauce base and sprinkled over some grated cheese. I used cheddar but mozzarella would be great as well. Then place on your toppings.

For the fourth version I used a basil pesto as the base then spooned on the sauteed kale. Then I sprinkled over the cheese and finished it off with some peppers and fresh garlic for some nice colour and extra flavour.

Bake the pizzas in the middle of the oven on medium to high heat until the cheese is melted and golden.

Perfect for a quick and easy dinner or crowd pleasing party food!

Check out the demo video on our YouTube Channel!